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Hey there loves! Hope everyone is doing good. I've been a hide-n-seek child all this time but I'm back yet with another post with something really special this time for all the ladies out there!
I'm sure we all have a really tough time for 5 days every month and that is something which is unstoppable but as women, we also have an in-built power to fight those days with smile & confidence. We surely deserve to pamper ourselves for those 5 days and The Pinq Story does the job for us. 
Pinq provides high-end imported cotton feel sanitary pads & pantyliners which comes in easy to carry pocked-sized disposable pouches in trendy designed boxes. As it is 'My Period, My Way", I can choose my kinda box and get it delivered at my doorstep every month. 

So how it works :
- Choose the box type and select the pad size as per your flow.
- Decide the subscription type & date. 
- They make sure they deliver your box in time.
- Pamper yourself with goodies & relax.

They sent me the BUFFET BOX which was perfect for my time of the month. 

The box includes -

Sanitary pads & Pantyliners in easy to carry disposable pouches

Face Mask & Multi Use wipes to relax

Shower Gel & Clensing Lotion from Soultree for pampering at it's best

Green Tea to kill the cramps 

Chocolates to brighten the mood 

 Paisely Designed compact notebook to keep the record of your next date 

 Makeup Sponge to blend that dullness

Stand & Pee WC to kick the infections away

Pickle to add taste to boring days 

Now stop worrying at the time of the month and order your box of happiness now. Subscribe to The Pinq Story, choose your kinda box & let Pinq do the rest. Make your Stress-days, Happy-days now! 
Order you box from www.pinq.co

Until next time.

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